Marilyn Wine

A wine design project, I chose Marilyn Wines.
Using Marilyn's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and "Seven Year Itch"'s iconic looks, I used the same concept to design a red and white wine.


  1. nice! the only thing i would watch out about are her pink gloves, they're really close in value and saturation to the lips. Fun take on the Marilyn Brand wine though. :D

  2. wine anda art... nice combination... :)

    le dejo un beso seƱorita :)

  3. These are really elegant. Are the necklace pieces printed on or ornate little wine jewelry, I wonder.

  4. The concept I had in mind for the jewelry are little rings or bracelets or something wrapped around the bottle neck. All I know is I'd buy it if I saw a wine like that :)


I appreciate every comment, thank you!