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Sarah Miller's tattoo of The Brief Glimpse on Kylee McWhinney won first place in the Extra Large Female Division in the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention 2010.. and will be in the future magazine of Skin Arts. Awesome job!

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I'm in Digital Arts magazine September 2010 :) Check it out!

My painting The Brief Glimpse tattooed by Sarah Miller onto Kylee McWhinney.
It turned out looking great! :)
" Artist Proof: Schin Loong aka “Luciole” was raised in Malaysia and at a very young age found herself spending hours sketching fantasy artwork with mainly markers and watercolors. Eventually her passion evolved into an interest in Japanese manga and anime. She enrolled in art school in Malaysia after deciding to get serious about her passion for art. As she worked through college, she was inspired by the digital arts and began producing art digitally, producing pieces using a tablet, Photoshop & Painter, as well as using a mix of watercolor and other digital elements for her work. In 2007, she moved to the United States to attend the Ringling College of Art and Design, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree with high honors. Schin now works out of Nevada and continues to amaze us with her awesome illustrations."

An interview with Artsprojekt :) Please click to read!

as yet untitled

I haven't had the chance to paint any personal paintings for awhile.
But here is a work in progress of one that I found time to do.

ImagineFX #50

I kind of forgot to mention this..
Back in December 2009, The Brief Glimpse got the back cover for ImagineFX's 50th anniversary issue. It was supposed to be the front cover but Andrew Jones got it instead, damn, how can I fight with that? Lol! I'm still happy to be on the back though.

This is the second session of the tattoo!
Each session needs 2 weeks in between for the skin to heal. I'll keep updating as I get the pictures.. it's really exciting for me to see this come to life on someone's skin. Sarah Miller (the tattoo artist) is incredibly talented!

I've recently started work as a graphic designer+illustrator in Las Vegas!
What a change, what a city. I'm slowly getting used to it, though. My favorite way to unwind after work is several sessions in a sauna. There's nothing like sweating to mellow out.

The best compliments involves pain..

This is mind blowing for me.

This is a work in progress of my Brief Glimpse painting being tattooed on Kylee.
The tattoo artist is Sarah Miller.

Exotique 5

The Four Beauties is in Exotique 5.
There's lots of gorgeous paintings in the book and it's an honor to be within em.

tempting persephone.

For Tempting Persephone's blog.
This was fun and quick!

Work in progress here:

I think I'll make bookmarks out of em :D

The Peppertree Press

Anyone in Sarasota, Florida? Pick up a copy of the Peppertree Press Magazine :)
The Brief Glimpse is their front cover for Fall 2009 and there's a little blurb in there about my work, too :) Go check it out!

The Moth Eater

Process for The Moth Eater, second in series to The Rose Eater.
I took my time painting her.. whilst gathering inspiration from the beautiful autumn colors.
It's really my favorite time of the year, the weather is beautiful, the leaves are pretty.. I wish I can capture all the colors that my camera can't!

hey, no cheating!

This is a caricature portrait of my friend Val.
He wanted a painting of himself surrounded by mini-Vals in his different personas:
the gambler, the filmmaker, the superhero, the don juan and the lacrosse player.
I'm not sure about the cat, though. Maybe he just likes cats.


A collaboration with Dan Howard.
He was going to scrap this but I rescued and colored it.

Ink girls

Yikes, it got cold here fast!
I made these with ink and sepia color very quickly one night.
It's really fun to make.. I'm gonna make more :) They're on my ebay currently.

Schin is always hungry

I had waaaaay too much fun painting this one.
It was originally a sketch in my sketchbook.
I think I'm gonna make this into a greeting card or something.


I'm really into ACEOs and Art cards recently. They're collectible 2.5x2.5in cards,
and since they're so small, they're really quick and fun to make.
I've been selling them on my Etsy and Ebay page.

Oh, and I've also made a Craft blog, for my craftsy nonsense!

The Rose Eater


Le Teatub


The Forbidden Fruit.
For me, the story of Adam and Eve is more than a religious story.
It is so full of symbolism and hidden meanings that I can't help but be inspired by it everytime.
This is a little picture I made but one day I hope to paint this famous painting in its full glory.