I like how these two pics have their own feel :)
Done for Kelly.

Senior Show 2009

On the table: portfolio, postcards, business cards, and sketchbook.

The show pieces (except for Snake Girl) are for sale for $200 each.
They are about 2 x 3-3.5ft each, acrylic on canvas print. The hangers are included!

Bunbun and ducky

It's almost Graduation and I can't escape the sadness whenever I look at the piles of brown boxes in my room.
So I painted some baby animals to help cheer myself up.
I hope it'll cheer you up too!

Best of Ringling 09

I am very proud and honored that The Four Beauties was chosen to be included in the Best of Ringling Show 2009, among all the beautiful Illustration works selected by Shawn Barber.