Meat & Poison

"Meat & Poison" 2009
My senior project for Ringling College is called the Monstrosities of the Femme Fatale.
This is the first of a series of five, the Plant Woman.
I'm still tweaking some details, so I'll include a statement when she's done :)

SOI Student Scholarship Competition

"My Mug" "The Four Beauties"

I am happy to say that the two above images were selected for the Society of Illustrators 2009 Student Scholarship Competition.
Of the 5,600 pieces entered, 145 pieces were chosen from schools across the country.
My school, Ringling College managed to snag 34 spots out of the 145.
The show will be in New York on May 8, 2009.

Last year, my Woody Allen caricature was selected for the 2008 competition.

Take me with you

I wish I could swim so I can go diving and look at the wonders of the sea.
But for now, I content myself with painting my imaginary adventures.


I saw this circular rainbow on the way to Washington DC.
At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or the plane window was creating a weird effect,
but it was a real, natural rainbow. I only made the photo colors more saturated, but otherwise, it's just as I saw it!

I am very happy to have met many of you at Katsucon 2009! It was a great event and I am fortunate to meet many awesome artists, friends and art enthusiasts alike. Thank you for those who stopped by and said hi, or bought a print or two, or shared thoughts and comments on my latest artworks.

See you next year! :)

Marilyn Wine

A wine design project, I chose Marilyn Wines.
Using Marilyn's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and "Seven Year Itch"'s iconic looks, I used the same concept to design a red and white wine.

Work in progress

One in a series of paintings I am doing.
May I introduce the Carnivorous Plant Lady,
although I do plan to give her a cooler name when I'm done!