Ink girls

Yikes, it got cold here fast!
I made these with ink and sepia color very quickly one night.
It's really fun to make.. I'm gonna make more :) They're on my ebay currently.

Schin is always hungry

I had waaaaay too much fun painting this one.
It was originally a sketch in my sketchbook.
I think I'm gonna make this into a greeting card or something.


I'm really into ACEOs and Art cards recently. They're collectible 2.5x2.5in cards,
and since they're so small, they're really quick and fun to make.
I've been selling them on my Etsy and Ebay page.

Oh, and I've also made a Craft blog, for my craftsy nonsense!

The Rose Eater


Le Teatub


The Forbidden Fruit.
For me, the story of Adam and Eve is more than a religious story.
It is so full of symbolism and hidden meanings that I can't help but be inspired by it everytime.
This is a little picture I made but one day I hope to paint this famous painting in its full glory.