Final Four Beauties canvas print for bids

24 x 30 in laser print canvas. LE 3/3, sealed and signed

I am happy to say that my second Four Beauties canvas print did well at Anime Expo 2009, and so the very last canvas print will be on sale at Otakon Art Show 2009 (Baltimore, July 17-19). I have only made three 24 x 30in canvas prints of this artwork, one for my parents, one sold at AX and the last one will be at Otakon. So if you're interested, please come to the event and place a bid :)!

ANN Interview

Please look in Anime News Network's Gallery for an interview of me and my work. I'm afraid I feel very shy as the interview made my minor recent work seem like a big deal. Still, thanks ANN for the feature!

Recently I have been very busy with my internship and miscellaneous freelance work which includes very fun things which I never thought I would do: online dress up dolls, baby doll and animal designs, web design illustration, etc. Definitely not what I'm used to, but it's really good experience and I'm having a blast!