The Monstrosities of the Femme Fatale

Jellyfish: "Flesh & Bones"
Spider: "Death & Trust"
Snake: "Love & Lies"
Plant: "Meat & Poison"
Octopus: "Blood & Water"

Artist Statement

The first thing I want to capture is the moment when these monster women grasp their prey through understated violence.
The second thing I want to capture is the contrast of cold silence and gentle movement.
Different moods and themes were used to convey each of the women's personal monstrosity. My intention is to keep the concept subtle with only a few clues dropped in to suggest their animal nature. It is my hope that the viewer shape his or her own story for these women based only on the paintings and their titles.


  1. Gorgeous Schin! I can't wait to see these in large print!

  2. Oooo these are wonderful. My fav. is the plant one! Jellyfish one makes me think of intestines XD

  3. Lovely work! I love the flow and organic feel to these pieces. *A*~

  4. It was even cooler to see these in person! :D and looking at your sketchbook was sooooo awesome.


I appreciate every comment, thank you!