The Peppertree Press

Anyone in Sarasota, Florida? Pick up a copy of the Peppertree Press Magazine :)
The Brief Glimpse is their front cover for Fall 2009 and there's a little blurb in there about my work, too :) Go check it out!


  1. Aw damn, I wish I lived there and could get one !

  2. I never heard of Pepper Tree Press but that sounds fantastic! It's so nice to be featured!

  3. hola~~~

    I was wondering maybe if you could show me a little bit on how to color in images Outline them if you have the time like photoshop,illustrator.....
    I want to learn how to do illustrations I have everything else down but....I need and want to learn graphic design the most or if you know somewheres around where they have free tutorials for coloring in images I would appreciate it

    GRACIES!!thank you


I appreciate every comment, thank you!