This is the second session of the tattoo!
Each session needs 2 weeks in between for the skin to heal. I'll keep updating as I get the pictures.. it's really exciting for me to see this come to life on someone's skin. Sarah Miller (the tattoo artist) is incredibly talented!

I've recently started work as a graphic designer+illustrator in Las Vegas!
What a change, what a city. I'm slowly getting used to it, though. My favorite way to unwind after work is several sessions in a sauna. There's nothing like sweating to mellow out.


  1. Wow! How cool. both the tattoo and the new job. Good luck! Never thought I would know someone who live in Las Vegas hahaha. Now don't party too much Schin, you do have to get some work done! :P
    I bet a sauna feels awesome after sitting in a chair all day :] Sounds like all is well!

  2. Wow this is very very good. Well done to both you and the tattooist. It must be a strange feeling to have your art put ON someone. :)


I appreciate every comment, thank you!