4 Chinese Beauties design

Well, here are the designs for this image if it's a real book cover. We liked the third one best, and there's a few more changes to be done on the image and the design before it is finalized. Phew!

My next project will be steampunk. I know I know.. done to death.. but I love the designs of it, and it was so fun going around looking at all the steampunk blogs and personalities. Some of these people take their interest really seriously though.. going to great lengths to modify an item, but the computer on the left is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen, ever.


  1. Hm... I think the third one is best too.
    I like the set up for the first one, but part of the red box goes into the first girl's hair, and somehow seems to detract from the rest of the picture.

    The second one. Again the layout is nice, but it seems to fade into the background too much.

    The third one doesn't seem to have the problems of the first two. And I like the font. It gives a "Calligraphy" esque feeling. (^ ^ )

    And... "A NOVEL"?!
    Gonna carefully watch you for this.. (¬ ¬ )

    A Steampunk project sounds really cool. Who cares if it's been done to death. Just as long as you enjoy doing it. (^ ^ )

  2. wow~!! i came from deviant art and i'm going to link you~!!! i use blogger too

  3. Homg i love steampunk!

    And your new work is absolutely gorgeous <3


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