4 Chinese Beauties

Almost done..! I really like how the fourth one turned out, though now it seems like she's not fitting in with the others.

Sometimes I wish I was in graphic design.. I love so much of what they do, but I can never pull it off without making cheesy designs.


  1. Yo Luc! I think you did them justice, I've only learn their 'legends' through endless TVB drama and taiwanese/china movies. But oh, I love how every one of them has a different expression, giving them a peculiar aura. I'll be keeping an eye on your bloggie, best of luck in everything you do! <3


  2. Oh, dude, that's frikkin sweet! I really love the 4th panel the most. The green is really eye-catching. But I can see what you mean by it standing out a lot from the others.

    I think you would've succeeded like mad in Graphic Design, quite honestly.

    Geez, sketchblogs are so trendy now. Everyone's making one.

  3. Wow so beautiful. I just love the concept. (> <) I like that each have a unique and different feeling/aura.

    I must say, I'm a bit taken aback by this picture. Such a mature feeling/aura, very different from the girly shoujo stuff from before. Kya!! I love it! (ˆ0ˆ )

    Haven't logged into DA in a while. Your page was the first one I checked. Hahaha. Perfect timing to catch this blog. (^ ^ )

    I'll check on you regularly if you update this place regularly. (^ ~).


  4. Hi Lucy! Amazing Job with your new art!
    I truly love this blog, I've added it to my Blogroll, so that I can read more by you!



  5. You know it's based on my image... lol. Just Joking. Amazing work and I am loving the one on the right the most!

  6. Gorgeous, love the fourth's lips.

  7. wow your work is wonderful! I have never seen it until you pulled up your website in portfolio class! Amazing! :D


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